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What Are the Benefits of cPanel for Linux Shared Hosting?

cPanel is a proprietary software designed particularly for working on large servers. It is a Linux program, and individual end-users invariably appreciate the affordability, ease of use, security, and reliability features made available by cPanel.

  • A vast majority of hosting firms use cPanel for their business, and among the underlying reasons for the same is the graphic interface that cPanel makes available. 
  • cPanel is essentially a web-based control panel. It works nicely with a dedicated server or VPS and makes all tools available for the management and administration of your email, database, or website in any browser. 
  • cPanel makes a Graphical Interface available for a user, which gives them the liberty to control a section of their Unix or Linux servers. The tools provided further bring ease to the running and management of websites over your VPS or dedicated server. 
  • With a tiered structure made available by cPanel, different levels of access are facilitated. This gives the administrators and end-users the liberty to control the varied aspects of the server and website. They can do so while browsing the web.
  • cPanels frequently feature an auto-installer or a dedicated package for CMSs, such as WordPress. For accessing cPanel, one uses HTTPS on port 2083 and adds ‘/Cpanel’ after the hostname. This is the most frequently used method for accessing the cPanel.

Let us take a look at the top advantages of cPanel for Linux shared hosting:

1. Simplicity:

Numerous entities across the corporate world are not well versed with the technical tools used for dedicated server management and VPS. Startups are more vulnerable to these issues as compared to others. 

Linux cPanel hosting makes server management of complex tasks easier. A few clicks are all it takes to achieve the needful. Tasks such as checking disc space, maintenance for site/directory, and regular backups become easier to perform. Overall, the administration of a dedicated server is easier to do and does not call for any experience in server management. Just as an instance, ad-hoc tasks are easier to complete over cPanel. This is something that otherwise calls for knowledge and experience managing servers. The cPanel Control Panel is feature-rich and features graphic icons, which helps in this regard. 

cPanel developers have put in additional efforts to ensure that uploading and installation of all files are easy. This feature will come to be particularly useful for a user who finds it difficult to work with a new interface. cPanel introduces ease to server management which is a feature otherwise difficult to find. cPanel dashboard is easy to use. This brings ease to cheap Linux Shared hosting

cPanel is advantageous because it makes elaborate documentation available for all types of cPanel operations. The feature becomes even more prominent in the latest version of cPanel. It features walk-through information and built-in tutorials. Irrespective of the issue faced by the end-user, there’s a how-to page that resolves all issues. When WordPress is installed, it becomes easier for a user to manage backups, mail accounts, domain names, and databases. This brings ease to shared Linux hosting.

2. Flexibility of cPanel:

Management of a website via cPanel is easy when it is used with Linux Shared hosting India. This is irrespective of the complexity of the website. Features made available by cPanel bring ease to managing addresses, email accounts, and pooling websites under a single account. Monitoring the website brings essence to fast troubleshooting and keeps improving your website regularly.

Using cPanel, keeping a track of all domains and emails that you use is easier. When one knows where they are directed, one can modify, run, edit, create or control the prevailing email accounts linked to your hosting account. Setting up spam/junk protection, filtering, and auto-responders is further simplified. It takes merely a few minutes to establish the same. 

cPanel, overall, makes all information available for assessing your web presence. AWStats is the powerful web analyzer used by cPanel and stands for Advanced Web Statistics. This comes to be particularly useful for Linux Shared hosting plans. AWStats delivers advanced reporting for streaming server stats, mail, FTP, and web. This brings value to traffic analysis and puts one in the best position for taking targeted steps for improving a website’s performance.

3. cPanel Extensions:

cPanel makes some plugins available which your organization can benefit from. It also depends on the type of VPS or dedicated server that you run, and the Linux hosting plan that you use. A few of the most popular plugins include Clam AV Scanner, CMQ, Spam D, and X-Cart. 

The plugins may add functionalities such as surveys or forums over your website. With the use of cPanel, it becomes exceptionally easy to install plugins or scripts over your website.  

4. Cost-effectiveness:

Being a low-cost solution further enhances the effectiveness of cPanel. Hence, cPanel frequently makes a part of shared hosting packages. Other software and features are also included. If your hosting plan includes cPanel, it’s a money-saving feature. You would not be required to buy cPanel directly.

5. Constant Updates:

cPanel is a high scorer in terms of updating and maintenance. It persistently receives service updates that help upkeep its performance. The updated versions make cPanel a better performance in terms of security. Virus, network, and cyber safety levels are higher and keeping bugs and spam at bay becomes easier.

The updates that cPanel will release will depend on your hosting plan. cPanel works 24 X 7 for keeping the server reliable and safe.

6. Safety:

cPanel is risk-free, which is a useful feature for the best Linux shared hosting. The software will itself halt dedicated servers or VPS customers from doing any risky or prohibited work. A customer does not cause significant damage, irrespective of what he clicks upon in human error.


Dedicated servers and VPS customers frequently go for cPanel because of these benefits. It’s a great addition to Linux Shared hosting India. Hence, irrespective of the Linux shared hosting plan that one goes for, one should try and ensure that it includes cPanel.