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How much should I charge for a guest post?

In this question rather than being too straight, I would like to be more specific. Because most of the time it depends on which type of guest post you are going to post on your site. So here in this article, we will try to figure out what amount is good for both sides. You might choose your own price at the end, but ultimately this post on the guest post will help you make a good decision.

Why you need to charge for a guest post: 

However, there could be multiple reasons to charge for a guest post, but here discuss it for purpose of SEO and brand promotion. Firstly, guest post services are the most common way to do better SEO for any website. Second, the guest post might help you in your brand promotion as well. These are the use case of the guest posts. Now, if you think that you have put a lot of effort into your website’s SEO. And at the same, you achieve quite well domain authority for your website. Then in such a case, you have a slight potential to charge for the guest post. 

When should you charge for a guest post: 

Somehow, you have all the authority to charge your client for guest posts. In such a case, you can set some criteria before posting any guest post on your site. If someone asking for sharing their content with only one outbound link then you can charge them 30 to 50 dollars. I would like to mention again that for having such criteria you need to have a good reputation for your website. Anyway, if some of your requesters are asking for 2 or 3 outbound links then you have an opportunity to increase your price limit.

In that case, you can ask for 80 to 100 dollars.  And based on your reputation they will charge you after a healthy negotiation. 

When should charge mandatory: 

There is some possibility where you should charge for the guest post. No matter how good or bad the reputation of other websites has. That is the case when someone is promoting their brands or someone other’s brands through the guest post. Several digital marketing agencies are involving this business. This is a separately different business. Here you should try to charge more for your guest post services. Because they will grab more business through your sites for a long time. But you will get nothing out of it, except 80 to 100 dollars. We suggest starting from 200 to 300 dollars. And after some negotiation, you will end up with a reasonable price for your guest post services.

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When should not charge anything: 

In the field of SEO or search engine optimization field, you need some good content as well. And here somehow guest posts will help you to get reach into some good content that you want to add to your site. 

And nice content helps you in the google search engine. And if someone asking for guest posting just for the sake of their blog and not promoting anything then you adjust your mind to not charging them. 

Provided, content should be nicely designed and informative. 

How to charge for guest post timely:

Generally, people charge on an early basis. And this is a standard method to charge for any guest post. And you can follow the same pattern. If someone promoting their business through guest posts then you charge 200$/per month. It would be great after all he is making money from it. Fixing price on a monthly basis especially for these types of clients is somehow a good decision. And if you are charging just for the links then the yearly subscription system would be easy to manage. 

How much do guest bloggers get paid?

Guest bloggers are making a decent amount of money nowadays. And there is a reason behind it because as you know those guest post services are the best source of doing product promotion. And guest post marketing is not other types of marketing. Here you get some attention because you are not doing advertising only here you providing some value as well. Mostly, noticed by many kinds of research that people do not show enough interest in advertising. And then guest post services have the opportunity to replace that kind of advertisement. That is why guest bloggers got the chance to getting paid. They make valuable and attractive content for their client then they get paid. And some guest bloggers are charging more than 300$ for one single post isn’t it cool.

How much should I charge for a 1000 word article?

Maybe you are getting some interest regarding the guest post now. So now time for the negotiation for your services. If you a writer then there is no problem for you. And if you are accepting the guest post on your site then charge according to your current position. If you have a good position on your particular niche on google search engine then you should charge a different amount. And if you are struggling for rank on google search engine then no charge a low price. But remember always that guest posts always help you as well and not only the giver. Let’s make a clear amount.  50 dollars is a good amount for at least 1000 words. And you can decrease your price if the words limit increases. And as I mentioned before that you can post a guest post in some specific cases. So always keep those criteria always in your mind.