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Healthcare: Five SEO Techniques Crucial For High Ranking in The Future

Science and technology transcend so much and so fast that it's becoming tough to keep up. The world of SEO is no exception. Techniques and methods that work well are suddenly transformed, or discarded in the twinkle of an eye, and they begin to cause harm to your website or decrease your rankings. 

The medical universe continually undergoes its innovative changes, despite how time-consuming it is. Medical practitioners find it difficult to often cope with the fast-paced and ever-changing techniques associated with SEO. At DubSEO, we have compiled a list of valuable techniques for all those involved in healthcare marketing in London.

  • Increased Mobile Optimisation

The covid19 pandemic ensured that this particular factor skyrocketed in 2020. Enforced lockdown situations around the world that caused people to stay home brought the world closer to technology through mobile phones. Healthcare practitioners and providers now understand that the power of the mobile phone cannot be underestimated, and it needs to come first. Since a substantial part of the contemporary population uses mobile phones, research-based data has revealed that 57% of web traffic, emanate from mobile phones. There is a world of difference between keywords that rank on mobiles, and those that rank on desktops. There is a current demand for Accelerated Mobile Pages, which would only increase in future. These pages are advantageous for Internet users because they use less data, and they load in a second. The demand is projected to skyrocket, especially in the healthcare industry.

  • Voice Commands

Voice commands have had exponential growth in the past years, and it is becoming more and more popular. A lot of internet users prefer to voice out queries on search engines, rather than type. It's fast, easy and convenient, not to mention that it is still expected to grow. Seasoned experts have predicted that in the next three years if voice searches continue with their impressive growth, then half of the internet searches would be done through voices. In all honesty, however, optimization for voice searches is very distinct from the standard way of asking Google for queries. It would require a change from keywords to long sentences, which visitors would speak properly because of their need to find answers quickly. The future of voice searches looks bright. At DubSEO, we can help you with voice longtail keywords, and all the optimizing you would need. 

  • Content Optimization

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