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Getting Rid Of Lumps After Juvederm Injections

Juvederm is one of the most popular choices for lip fillers and dermal filler. Usually, a 1ml of Juvederm is enough for one treatment. Although it is not administered all at once, it is given in about 8 – 10 injections, but there is still the possibility of you developing lumps after the injection.

Are lumps common after a Juvederm injection?

Lumps are not common after Juvederm filler injection; however, people are still developing lumps after the injection. The only thing common after a dermal filler injection is swelling and bruises. The effects of a Juvederm injection is felt almost immediately. The lips or injection point increases in size almost immediately, and there is a rejuvenation of the cells.

What are the causes of the lumps? 

A number of factors can contribute to the formation of lumps after a dermal filler. It could be caused by too much pressure being applied when the injection was being administered. They can also be caused when there are clumped, undissolved fillers after injection, or the inexperience of an injector can cause them. Most commonly, the causes of the lumps are the swelling and bruises that accompany the injection procedure. 

How long will these lumps last? 

Usually, the lumps are meant to disappear after a couple of weeks without any treatment. When they do not disappear on their own without treatment, then you should seek the help of your injector or physician. 

How do I get rid of the lumps?

The last thing you would do when you have a lump is to touch it. Touching the lumps can cause them to be inflamed or lead to the lumps becoming more complicated. Within the first two weeks after the dermal filler, lumps can be smoothened out by applying a cold compress to it. Try not to massage it and always report it to your doctor if they cause pain when touched.

If after two weeks the lumps are yet to disappear, check with your doctor to evaluate the lump. If it is a soft lump, a simple firm massage will smoothen it out. If it is hard, the doctor may recommend steroids. In more serious cases, a dissolver called hyalase will be used to dissolve the filler completely.

Is it possible to prevent lumps from developing after fillers?

Yes, it is possible to prevent lumps from setting in. You would have to begin by conducting adequate research of an experienced clinic and injector. Getting an expert involved will guarantee you a safe and solid service. The expert must be well versed in facial anatomy and the procedures involved. They will know the right way to inject fillers without causing complications.

Another way to possibly prevent lumps is to use a cold compress the few weeks after the injection. It will reduce the swelling and bruises and also minimise the chances of lumps and bumps.

Finally, getting a good clinic involved will ensure that you get a follow-up treatment if any complications arise.

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