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5 Benefits of Choosing Invisalign over Metal Braces

If you are having misaligned or crooked teeth, then this will make you look unattractive and cleaning teeth extremely difficult.  When the teeth are not cleaned properly, they may lead to periodontal disease, bone damage and tooth loss. Your dentist may ask you to wear invisible ways for proper alignment of the teeth and getting them straightened. This can help to improve your appearance and confidence level. But choosing conventional braces seem to be less attractive, make you feel uncomfortable and are quite difficult to wear. Most adults feel embarrassed to wear them in public places and so, Invisalign braces are a great option to help you overcome this problem.  Let us discuss five reasons why you may opt for Invisalign treatment in London over the metal braces:

  1. Invisalign braces make you look better than the traditional ones – The metal braces may cause your mouth appearance to look unattractive as they are filled with chunks of unsightly metal.  These can be noticed easily and may get food trapped in between them without the wearer even knowing about it.  However, clear braces are virtually invisible and they make the wearer feel as if they are not having the braces inside their mouth.  They seem to be much more attractive when compared to metal braces.

  2. Clear braces are easy to remove when needed – The orthodontist will be attaching metal braces to your crooked teeth and the aligners have to remain in proper place till they attain their desired position. You can remove invisible braces when you want to eat or drink something as well as while brushing teeth and flossing. If due to some reason, the wearer wants to remove the braces for a certain period of time, then he/she can do so easily.

  3. Invisible aligners can lessen the damage to teeth and gums – The metal braces usually have protruding metal bits and wires that may puncture as well as scratch the inside part of your mouth and gums.  On the other and, clear braces are comfortable to wear and don’t have sharp or protruding bits or edges. The conventional metal braces may affect demineralization and decayed teeth by putting much force for your teeth straightening.  Such problems don’t occur with clear aligners as they can lessen the damage caused when you wear the braces for tooth cavities and gum disease.

  4. Clear aligners can get your teeth straightened quickly – Anyone who needs to wear metal braces will expect that the treatment time will take 5 years.  Invisalign may take somewhere from only one year, to a year and a half to complete for getting your teeth straightened.

  5. Clear braces do not have any hidden surprises – The patients have to undergo proper planning for Invisalign treatment. They should know exactly what they can expect and how much time they will require to wear the braces before wearing them. There won’t be any hidden surprises related to the procedure and you can be assured of getting your teeth straightened within the specified time. If you have further questions about Invisalign, talk to the provider before improving your overall appearance.

Thus, Invisalign provides several benefits over the metal braces. It will cost slightly more, but it is worth the price at the end.  They are more comfortable to wear when compared to metal braces, have fewer risks for your teeth and gums and restore your gorgeous smile quickly.  So, if you are considering performing Invisalign treatment, feel free to schedule a consultation with Invisalign dentist in London and know whether you are the right candidate to wear the braces for your teeth straightening.