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5 Advantages Of Invisalign

If you're contemplating having an Invisalign treatment London for teeth straightening, then you're probably trying to choose between Invisalign and regular metal braces. Everyone knows that Invisalign has a better look than normal metal braces, but the real question is: Is Invisalign as effective as traditional metal braces? Are these transparent non-metal aligners worth the hype? In this article, we'll be considering the essential advantages of Invisalign over regular braces.

  • You can drink and eat anything you like

With regular metal braces, comes a lengthy list of foods to avoid. There are obvious verboten ones like popcorn, corn-on-the-cob, caramel, chewy candies, and gum. However, others may shock you. Hard nuts (such as almonds) are off-limits, as is steak. Also, do you love biting into fresh, yummy apples in the fall? Well, it's time you got used to slicing them into small-sized pieces instead. The same applies to carrots and other vegetables and hard fruits. 

Hard foods can allow brackets to break from the teeth when a person bites into them; and chewy foods quickly get stuck around, in, and on your wires and brackets, creating a suitable breeding spot for sugar-loving microorganisms. Thanks to Invisalign, you no longer need to be concerned about memorizing a list of foods you should avoid. All you have to do is bring out your aligner trays before eating any snacks or meal, consume whatever you like, brush your teeth or at least rinse them with water, and return your aligners to their position. 

  • Invisalign is almost invisible

Before the emergence of Invisalign, many adults were fascinated by the idea of having straighter teeth. However, they were discouraged by the thoughts of traditional metal braces. No one wants to 'announce' that they are undergoing dental treatment, and this is exactly the case with regular metal braces. Patients felt that having metal braces was more embarrassing and drew more attention than their crooked teeth. Thus, they continued to live with smiles they were not contented with. 

Those who need dental treatment would find Invisalign to be a game-changer. Since Invisalign aligners are crafted from thin, transparent plastic that is virtually invisible; a lot of individuals would be unaware that you're even using your aligners. Invisalign brings a new possibility for you to achieve the amazing smile you have wished for without anyone knowing that you're undergoing teeth straightening treatment. Invisalign is no doubt the most discreet orthodontic treatment option available today. 

  • Improved oral hygiene

A lot of patients using the regular metal braces find an unexpected case once the braces are removed: their teeth are stained. In a worse scenario, they may have gingivitis or cavities, which can result in gum infection. The reason behind this is simple: proper oral hygiene is extremely difficult to practice with metal braces. Although it's not impossible, but then brushing and flossing around your wires and brackets is time-consuming and requires a lot of patience. Brushing would involve not only cleaning all areas of your teeth, but also all parts of your brackets, and flossing requires to delicately threading underneath the wires. 

On the other hand, Invisalign makes oral hygiene easier. All you need to do is remove your plastic aligners and then floss and brush as usual - just as you did before undergoing the Invisalign treatment. You can use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean your aligners or soak them in a special cleaning solution that is formulated to disinfect Invisalign aligners. 

Say goodbye to dental emergencies

One of the several annoying cons of regular braces is unavoidable dental emergencies. You can reduce the risk by adhering to your dentist's guidelines on which foods to stay away from, but even at that, many patients experience one or two broken brackets at some point during their treatment. It can be inconvenient to find the time in your routine to have it replaced, however, trying to manage it - instead of replacing it - until your next appointment can increase your overall dental treatment period. 

Invisalign aligners are made from durable materials, so you don't have to be worried about damaging them. This translates to zero or less emergency visitations to your dentist's office. 

  • Invisalign offers more comfort

A large percentage of our patients used metal braces as teenagers or kids and, as grown-ups, they are receiving Invisalign treatment because their teeth slowly moved out of alignment over the years. Those who have experienced both kinds of dental treatment are surprised by the level of comfort offered by Invisalign compared to regular metal braces. Unlike traditional braces which have obtrusive metal brackets, Invisalign aligners are made with a smooth plastic material that conveniently fits against the teeth. You won't have to worry about wires poking the soft tissues of your mouth or the inside walls of your cheeks. The cherry on top is that no more frustrating wire tightening every month. Rather, you will replace your aligners by yourself in the comfort of your room every 2 weeks. 

Would you like to know more about your Invisalign suitability? Or would you like to book a consultation or appointment with one of our highly experienced dentist for London Invisalign? Then do not hesitate to contact us at London Braces today! We can't wait to meet with you to discuss the most suitable treatment option for you.