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Landing page quality score 10/10

 The most important decision made on the landing page quality score is whether to show it to the audiences as a sponsored page or not. Based on the quality score, Google also decides the quantum of the fee it will charge and the slot in the sponsored space that it will allot to the landing page advertiser. 


A 10/10 score is the perfect score for all properties, including landing page quality. Google decides the quality of a landing page to make strategic decisions. If the landing page owners think that only money will fetch them a space in Google's good books, they are entirely wrong! Google's primary objective is to provide the most relevant and useful information to the searchers coming to the internet. To maintain that quality of information, Google puts various other parameters in perspective while assigning any landing page a 10/10 score. 

Now that we know that the landing page quality score is a crucial parameter for an ad campaign’s success, let's take a look at the factors that can affect this parameter.

Factors that can help get landing page quality score 10/10

Certain factors help a landing page find a position among the top rankers. The top ranks also coincide with the quality score of 10/10. This score gets affected by the following factors:

1.User experience
What does the user experience mean for the landing page? If you understand this first, it will become easy for you to find what a 10/10 landing page quality looks like. User experience means the user gets the precise information in an easily understandable manner and does something about it too. So, the essential components of a 10/10 quality landing page will be:
  • Precise information: The users find the most relevant answer to the query they put. Best quality content, well-researched, and substantiated with facts can help create an information-rich page.
  • Easily understandable content: Well-structured content is easy to understand. There is an intelligent use of H1, H2, tags, sub-headings. Not only can the user understand the content quickly, but the search engines can also scan and match it with their algorithm's requirement too.
  • An action-provoking content (do something about it too): Share, comment, like, buy prompts provided to the visitor with added clarity and at places where one can easily catch these.
All these characteristics contribute to the user experience and invite users more readily to the landing page.

2.Landing page performance
Users will have a fantastic experience if the landing page is equipped with all the capabilities to provide one to them. The main characteristics that define the landing page performance will be:
  • Page load speed: It is the most crucial factor that can hit the score badly. No user will want to stay on a page that takes more time to open. The permissible limit is not more than a few blinks of the eye; it has to be that fast!
  • Mobile-friendliness: Users are searching almost everything and mostly on mobile phones. So, if the landing page has to achieve a desirable score, it should be a pleasure to access a mobile phone. Therefore, responsiveness is not a luxury but a necessity to be in the good books of Google.
  • Unique content: If you say the same thing that ten other pages are saying, why will the user choose you? Also, there is no need for such page that has copied content. A landing page can get a 10/10 quality score only when the content has something genuinely unique and relevant to offer to the visitor.
  • Ease of navigation: The page should clearly define the flow of navigation. That is why some landing pages having all menu in one place approach do better than those that go ultra-creative in their presentation. People need simplicity and not rocket science to decode.
  • Clarity of purpose: Tell clearly what customers can do on the page. Make CTAs pronounced. Highlight 'Read More,' 'Fill the Form,' 'Notify Me,' 'Give me Callback,' 'Share,' 'Add to cart,' 'Buy now,' etc. in an attractive manner to let visitors know what they get to do on that page.
  • Safety: No visitor wants to fall into a scam or trap; your landing page must have all assurances in place. The transparency in terms of use and steps taken to ensure user data safety can make for a perfect 10/10 quality landing page.

Taking care of all these landing page performance characteristics can help have Google's attention that you need to increase your visibility.

3.Historical click-through rates
Click-through rate is the number of people who clicked the ad or link divided by the number of people who viewed the page or link. Thus, a higher click-through rate (CTR) means that the visitor found something relevant to explore the page in-depth. It is possible to achieve when the user expectation meets the page's offering. If a page has consistently scored high click-through rates in the past, or have scored an increase from the previous levels, then Google is likely to score it between 7 to 10.

How can one increase the landing page score to 10/10?

There are specific measures one can take to increase the ppc landing page score to 10/10, such as:
  • Check the ad group of the most expensive keywords: If the ad group is cluttered with lots of keywords, the search engine fails you to clarify keyword targeting. So, reduce the number of keywords to less than 10 in the ad group to improve focus.
  • Use exact match types: Relevance comes naturally from clarity. Choosing the exact match type is a sign of clarity about the audience. Thus, employing this match type can help have more relevant page content, ultimately, a high-quality score.
  • Work on the landing page: Once both the above points are correctly used, ensure that the landing page has elements that add to the page's credibility. Quick loading pages and information about contact us, privacy policy, disclaimer, etc., shown most visibly, can enhance the landing page's appeal and credibility. 


Landing page score is essential because it can help extract the best benefits of securing the sponsored space. If, even after reaching this space, you get pushed down due to a low-quality score, then it can be a big blow to the advertising budget.