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How to Thin Curly Hair with Scissors?

 There is a question hair stylists often come across and that is how to thin curly hair. People with curly hair are usually reluctant to thin out their hair because there is a myth that thinning out curly hair would damage the hair. Thinning your hair can only be damaging only if it is done more than required. Experts tend to advise not to thin hair very often because it can cause a serious bit of damage to your hair. However, you should thin out bulky curly hair sometimes because it is essential at times to achieve the right look of your hair, and it can be achieved through thinning.

So, how should you thin your curly hair? First of all, you can ask a hairstylist to get it done. If not, you can do it yourself, not a big deal. You need to have the right equipment to thin out your hair. First of all, you need to get quality hair thinning scissors. Once you have a quality thinning scissor, you can easily thin out bulky hair and remove excessive weight. Here are a few important and key steps to follow in this regard:

Gather the Tools

People with natural curly hair can achieve the texture they want. For this purpose, they need to gather the right tools before starting the work. You may need a spray bottle such as the one with a sense of moisture. The idea is to make the hair perfect for thinning. Getting a slip through curly hair is essential in order to avoid damage and get the best thinning experience. Then, you need a professional cutting comb. You can get a short comb but make sure it is professionally designed for cutting purposes. Most importantly, you require a hair thinning scissor of the best quality. Buy your thinning scissors from a renowned and trusted store. For instance, K5 is an online store in Australia where you can shop highest quality thinning scissors at extremely affordable rates. 

Collapsing & Removing Bulk from Your Curly Hair

There is a special technique you can apply to remove unwanted weight from your curly hair and remove bulk without producing any frizz or exploding a hair shaft in your curly hair. A popular phrase experts tell to people with curly hair when they are thinning is “the end needs friends.” When you texturize your curly hair, it may cause the curls to explode or frizz as they don’t have anything to cling up. This is the reason why 3-2-1 bricklaying thinning technique is used in order to collapse bulk and remove weight inside your natural curly hair.  

The Key Steps to Follow

  • Start at the back crown area using your short cutting comb. Use the wide teeth of the comb, start working with the horizontal sections of your curly hair. The horizontal sections are often 1 inch or slightly more thick. 
  • Now elevate your curly hair straight up off the head and reveal the curl pattern after relaxing the tension of the section of hair. 
  • Make three cuts using the tip of the hair thinning scissor at the top of the first C curl pattern.
  • Now come to the second C pattern and make another couple of cuts.
  • Go up to the third C pattern and make a cut in the middle. You need to ensure that the cuts you have made resemble a 3-2-1 bricklaying technique. 
  • Take horizontal sections that are 1 inch or more thick while repeating this bricklaying technique. 
  • Continue the process unless you remove the unwanted bulk or thin out your curly hair perfectly!