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Get Rid Off Your Mental Burden With Stress Relieving Yoga


There is no doubt about the fact that we all have stress in our day-to-day life. Each one of us has a different reason to feel stressed or anxious and a different way to deal with it. While some of us prefer to sweat it out through am intense workout session, other might prefer a gentle approach in comparison. 

So for those of you who prefer the second option, go through the 10 yoga poses mentioned below to make your yoga journey smooth. 

Top 10 Yoga Asanas To Relieve Stress

1. Marjayasana [Cat Pose]

This yoga pose is one of the simplest to practice and incorporate in your exercise routine. Along with making you look similar to a cat, it is great pose of yoga for relaxation.

What Are Its Benefits?

  • Soothes and stretches your lower back
  • Great for relieving stress and anxiety
  • Relaxes all the muscles of your body

2. Bitilasana [Cow Pose]

Cow pose is usually perfomed with Cat pose as they are connecting poses. Just like the Cat pose, Cow pose is also great in relieving stress. 

What Are Its Benefits?

  • Acts as a warming up pose for your spine
  • Calms your mind and reduces symptoms of depression
  • Helps in creating an emotional balance by massaging your organs

3. Balasana [Child Pose]

Child pose is one of the easiest yoga poses to get rid of pent-up stress. This pose can be practiced by beginners, intermediates, and advanced practitioners. 

What Are Its Benefits?

  • Quiets the brain and reduces stress
  • Benefits the nervous and lympatic system
  • Releases anxiety along with tension

4. Bhujangasana [Cobra Pose]

This pose is known to release stress from you overall body. Along with benefiting you physically. Bhujangasana also brings relief to ashtmatic patients. 

What Are Its Benefits?

  • Reduces pain in muscles
  • Provides immediate relaxation
  • Eases breathing process by opening up the chest

5. Uttanasana [Standing Forward Bend]

Uttanasana has endless benefits for an individual. Apart from relieving stress, anxiety, and depression, it also takes care of the reduction of fatigue. 

What Are Its Benefits?

  • Releases muscle tension from hips, hamstrings, and thighs
  • Cools down the nervous system
  • Strengthens the respiratory system

6. Ananda Balasana [Happy Baby Pose]

Want to relive your childhood days? Practice Ananda Balasana then. You will surely want to go back to being a child. 

What Are Its Benefits?

  • Reduces fatigue and unwanted stress
  • Enhances the mood
  • Helps you in sleeping better
  • Calms your mind and body just like a babys

7. Uttana Shishosana [Extended Puppy Pose]

Extended Puppy pose is a combination of two yoga poses namely, Downward Facing Dog and Child pose so the impact of the pose get doubled while practicing.

What Are Its Benefits?

  • Calms your mind and controls the mood
  • Stretches and strengthens your body muscles
  • Reduces mental stress

8. Paschimottanasana [Seated Forward Bend]

Want to practice a pose that mainly focuses on enhancing your physical health? Try Seated Forward Bend and you are good to go.

What Are Its Benefits?

  • Provides relief in kidneys, liver, and ovaries
  • Reduces pain in menopause
  • Stretches your muscles and reduces tension

9. Viparita Karani [Legs Up The Wall]

If you want to calm both your mind and body at the same time, Viparita Karani is perfect for you. It is one of the most recommended poses for stress relief.

What Are Its Benefits?

  • Boosts blood circulation
  • Helps in stress reduction.
  • Improves your sleeping pattern
  • Regulates the mood effectively

10. Savasana [Corpse Pose]

Performed at the end of every yoga session, this is an amazing pose for managing stress. It might seem easy, but Savasana is one of the toughest yoga poses to perform. 

What Are Its Benefits?

  • Offers complete relaxation
  • Puts your body at ease
  • Calms your nervous system
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Cools down your mind and body