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Can a dirt bike fit in a van?

If you are a bike owner you will know how close and attached you are to your bike. Hence, it is almost impossible to travel any place without your bike along. A dirt bike as the name goes is a typical motorcycle that is designed in a manner to fit expeditions in rough terrains.

Whether it is unsurfaced roads or paths where a normal bike may get punctured, dirt bikes fit well for any kind of surface and scrambling. Moreover, unlike a motorcycle, which is designed for comfortable long rides, a dirt bike is made for going on an adventure trip over rugged terrains.

Taking your adventure companion along

All those who are in love with adventure, then they would surely be wanting to take their dirt bike along with them. However, the biggest question here is can a dirt bike fit in a van? And the answer is, yes, a dirt bike can fit in a van. In comparison to motorcycles, it is much easier to ship a dirt bike in freight vans or minivans considering their typical design made of lower decks than that of trucks.

Making room for dirt bikes

Most of the vans and minivans pose a perfect stop to take along your dirt bike. However, certain things need to be taken into consideration. This includes the size of the bikes which is subject to vary and thereby choose ones that perfectly fit the measurements. In the case of dirt bikes, you must foremost measure its length, as the height is never usually an obstacle to fit them inside the van.

Knowing the dimensions of dirt bike

The average size of a dirt bike is over 6 feet. When it is placed diagonally, the average length varies to 5.5 feet. Thus, you will have to pick a van or a minivan which is approximately 5.5 feet to 6 feet to comfortably fit into the van without creating any trouble for the owner.

Opt for a professional bike transporting service

If you are obscure about how to fit your dirt bike inside the van and also unable to know which van to choose to fit it in, then you can always opt for professional bike picking services. Being professionals, they know which van would be right for your use. Other advantages include you can be completely sure of your bike’s safety and secured transport to your destination.

Benefits of Transporting Dirt Bikes through Vans

Traveling on your dirt bike to the destination is impossible. These bikes are made for fitting the rough terrains and unsurfaced roads. Moreover, while you travel to a new destination, carrying along the bike will ensure you can use them whenever required to set in some adventure trips randomly at your destination. This makes transporting them in a van the best option to choose from. Some of the benefits include:

Complete protection the bike from external elements

Keeping the bike in an enclosed place would prevent the bike from outside elements. Exposed to snow, lightning, rains, or gales may only disrupt its usual working. Besides dirt, grime, debris, and grit may leave dents or scrape its overall bodywork of the bike.

Unless you are traveling in extreme weather conditions, it is best to opt for vans to carry along your vintage bikes or classic dirt bikes in cargo vans or trucks to prevent its damage.

Save Fuel and from damage

Instead of riding the dirt bike yourself, transporting it by fitting it in a van has other advantages too. These include saving fuel. Besides, it also ensures there is no wear and tear of the bike before it reaches its destination. Nor are there any other damages that can incur you additional cost for repair on the way.

Transport it securely

There are many other advantages of transporting dirt bikes by vans. Another benefit is the security of the dirt bike from theft. Along with the dirt bike, you can also keep together with other tool kits and riding gears without the need of worrying about losing important parts of the bike or them getting stolen.

Other options

In case you do not own a van or a truck, you can also opt for air transportation. Or hire a professional road transport service. Though it is easy to fit a dirt bike in a van, you must take adequate measures to ensure the van is spacious, clean, without dents, can accommodate other elements thereby making the transport an easy and secured one. On the other hand, with air transport, there are least chances of any dents or damage occurring to your most treasured dirt bike.

Choose the perfect van to fit in your dirt bike and take along your dearest companion to have a fun-filled adventure ride.